World Anti-Doping Code

 International Kendo Federation has accepted the World Anti-Doping Code

 On 1st June 2006, International Kendo Federation (FIK) has submitted the Acceptance of the Anti-Doping Code to WADA.

 The FIK headquarters is now preparing the Anti-Doping Code of FIK. 
 After the Code is reviewed by WADA, it will be in force.

 The following information on the WADA web site has been described since 1st June 2006


 Code Acceptance

  The following sports organizations have accepted the Code:


Aikido (IAF) - International Aikido Federation (P)
American Football (IFAF) - Intfl Fed. of American Football (P)
BodyBuilders (IFBB) - Intfl Fed. of BodyBuilders (P)
Casting (ICSF) - International Casting Federation (P)
Draughts (FMJD) World Draughts Federation (P)
Fistball (IFA) - International Fistball Association (P)
Floorball (IFF) - International Floorball Federation (P)
Flying Disc (WFDF) - World Flying Disc Federation (P)
Ju-Jitsu (JJIF) - Ju-Jitsu International Federation (P)
Kendo (FIK) - International Kendo Federation (P)
Kickboxing (WAKO) - World Assoc. of Kickboxing Organ. (I)
Minigolf (WMF) - World Minigolfsport Federation (P)
Powerlifting (IPF) - Int'l Powerlifting Federation (P)
Sepaktakraw (ISTAF) - Intfl Sepaktakraw Federation (P)
Sleddog (IFSS) Intfl Federation of Sleddog Sports (P)