SportAccord Combat Games 2013 Technical Delegate Meeting

The 2nd Combat Games will be held during 18th to 26th Oct 2013 in St. Petersburg Russian Federation.
Kendo events will be held on 21st and 22nd Oct.
This time, The Technical Delegate Meeting was held on 12th and 13th September 2013 St.Petersburg in Russia.

          SportAccord - WCG2013 Technical Delegate Meeting
             St. Petersburg, 12-13 September, 2013

The following matters were discussed by Technical Delegates of 15 IFs, SportAccord, RUMA and other organizations.


             TD MEETING
             SCHEDULE & AGENDA
             12-13 Sep, 2013

Thursday, September 12

9:00am-10:30am Introduction and Event progress report by LOC (two groups, based on athletes hotel) (Hotel, rooms TBD)
 Logistics
 Accreditation
 Accommodation and Catering
 Training
 Meeting Rooms and Office Space
 Competition Venues
 Sports Presentation

11:00am-1:30pm Hotels Visit (the two groups will visit the respective hotel for Athletes and Officials)

1:30pm Lunch (lunch at the visited hotel)

2:45pm-5:00pm Venues Visit (IFs will be split into 3 different groups)

7:30 Welcome Dinner (location TBD)

Friday, September 13 – Schedule

9:00am-10:30am Event progress report by LOC & SportAccord (Room TBD)

 Communication
 TV
 Marketing
 Ceremonies
 Side Activities

10:30am Individual Meetings

 10:30am: IAF – Aikido
 11:15am: AIBA – Boxing
 12:00am: FIE – Fencing
 12:45pm IFS- Sumo
 1:30 WTF Taekwondo
 2:15pm: JJIF – Ju Jitsu
 3:00pm FILA – Wrestling
 3:45pm: WAKO – Kickboxing
 4:30pm: WKF– Karate 4:30pm FISAv - Savate
 5:15pm: FIK- Kendo
 6:00pm IWUF – Wushu 6:00 FIAS - Sambo
 6:45pm IFMA – Muaythai 6:45pm IJF – Judo

8:00 Dinner (Location TBD)

Thursday, September 12– Detailed Agenda/Checklist

 Arrivals/departures: collection services, welcome desks
 Transportation: vehicles for different categories, transportation timetables (for arrivals/departures, competitions, training, etc.), parking
 Passport controls and customs

 Registration Status
 Design Accreditation badge (by category, daily passes, car passes, etc.)
 Distribution Accreditation Cards
 Accreditation Centers – Layout and flow; opening hours
 Accesses & Privileges

ACCOMMODATION & CATERING (Athletes, Officials, Media, VIP, VVIP, SA Family):
 Hotels: description, baggage handling, check-in procedure
 Catering:
- Lounges at the Venues: layout & services
- Restaurants at the Hotels: confirmation of services hours, menu’, etc.

 Venues Layouts: zoning marked up, flows, accesses
 FOP layouts by sport and by phase (i.e. one or two rings): flow and personnel positions
 Competition Equipment (including technology – i.e. scoring, information management, review cameras, etc.)
 Security
 Medical and First Aid
 Cleaning Plan
 Final Inspection: confirmation of the date (i.e. -2days)
 Confirmation sport specific support staff: i.e. Sports Manager, Floor Manager, etc.

 Training: confirmation equipment and schedule by sport
 Official Draw: confirmation rooms, equipment, staff and rooms set-up
 Weigh-In and Medical Check: confirmation rooms, equipment, staff and rooms set-up
 Technical Meetings: confirmation rooms, equipment and rooms set-up
 BIbs

 Lighting
 Sound System & Music
 Giant Screens & Video Material
 Announcers & Scripts
Friday, September 13– Detailed Agenda/Checklist

 Publications
 Website
 Confirmation IFs Press Conferences
 On-site daily media meetings and other on-site media operations
 Mixed Zones
 Photographers

 TV production/distribution plan
 Cameras Plan
 Access
 Commentators

 Venue Branding (FOP and around Venue)
 Ticketing (IFs delegations and sales)
 Merchandising (Mascots)

 Awarding ceremonies
- Approved Design
- Protocol (explanatory video)
- Confirmed Timetable
 Opening Ceremony:
- Detailed Programme
- Protocol (including seating)

 VIP/VVIP Programme
 International Forum
 Ambassador Programme
 Exhibition (Venues and Lenexpo)
 Cultural Programme - other