Delegation Abroad 2006

AJKF delegation visit to China and Mongolia

Delegation to Beijing

With financial support by the Japan Foundation, AJKF dispatched a delegation consisting of the following Kendo experts to China and Mongolia on June 16 through June 26, 2006. They visited Beijing, Ulaanbaatar, and Shanghai for conducting both seminar and grading examination.

Mr. Kiyomitsu Goto, Hanshi 8 Dan
Mr. Osamu Asano, Hanshi 8 Dan
Mr. Michio Wakimoto, Kyoshi 8 Dan
Mr. Arinobu Kurose, Kyoshi 7 Dan (FIK/AJKF office manager)

In the opening ceremony of the Kendo seminar of more than 100 participants on June 17, Mr. Goto, the chief instructor, stressed that Kendo practitioners pursue authentic Kendo with the concept of Kendo, and they were happy to help the Chinese people develop such a Kendo which is growing vigorously. Kendo started in China some 10 years ago by Japanese people stationing there. Now some 800 people in Beijing enjoy practice it in some 10 Kendo clubs. Mr. Fujita, Beijing Branch Manager of the Japan Foundation joined the opening ceremony. How to improve their skills was instructed on the morning session, and Kendo-kata on the afternoon. On the following morning, grading examinations of 1st Kyu to 3 Dan were conducted as that authorized by FIK. The result was shown as follows,
             No. of applicants No. of success
1st Kyu   2                     2
1st Dan   62                   38
2nd Dan   14                   11
3rd Dan   7                     6
Total      85                    57

Mr. Takeyasu, president of AJKF and concurrently president of FIK came over from Tokyo and joined the closing ceremony on June 18, and then paid a courtesy call on Mr. Miyamoto, Japanese Ambassador to China with the delegation.

After visiting Mr. Ichihashi, Japanese Ambassador to Mongolia on the morning of June 21, the delegation had the first day Kendo seminar on the afternoon.
Some forty people joined the whole seminar session consisting of skills improvement and Kendo-kata, but they have difficulties in obtaining Kendo equipment and attire, appropriate Japanese Kendo instructors stationing in Mongolia, and so forth. But, it looks strong point for the police in Mongolia to support Kendo practice. Grading examinations were conducted as well.
              No. of applicants No. of success
1st Dan     23                   17
2nd Dan    7                     5
3rd Dan     1                     1
Total        31                    23

On June 24, Saturday and 25, Sunday, the seminar was held with participation of 120 practitioners from nine clubs, some of whom joined from Hangzhon, Suzhon, Chongqing, etc. Dan grading was examined for some 100 applicants.
              No. of applicants No. of success
1st Kyu      9                    9
1st Dan     79                   75
2nd Dan     9                    6
3rd Dan      4                    3
Total         101                  93

**This delegation was financially supported by The Japan Foundation.

Seminar at Shanghai

Delegation to FIK American-Zone Kendo Referee Seminar FY2005

FIK Kendo Referee Seminar in the American Zone was held on March 25 and 26, 2006 in Toronto, Canada. The visiting instructors from Japan were

  Mr. Eiji Taguchi, Hanshi 8 Dan,
  Mr. Kunio Hayashi, Hanshi 8 Dan,
  Mr. Katsuo Endo, Hanshi 8 Dan.

From Aruba, Hawaii, the US, and Canada, 78 referee trainees assembled in Japanese Canadian Cultural Center They consisted of 3 Eighth Dan, 22 Seventh Dan, 16 Sixth Dan, 18 Fifth Dan, and 19 Fourth Dan.

After lectures on the objectives and duties of referees, summary of Shiai and Shimpan regulations, positioning, manners, displays, etc. on the morning session of the first day, the attendees were divided into three groups by Dan in the practice session of the afternoon.

On the second day, the session was focused on reviewing 13 WKC referee candidates, by having 7 trios of 8 Dan and 7 Dan holders referee mock matches by 6 Dan holders with observation of all the rest.

In his concluding remarks, Mr.Taguchi said that the refereeing is nearly perfect, but displaying of the judgment is rather slow, and some Yuko-datotsu are overlooked. He stressed the importance of reviewing factors and elements of Yuko-datotsu, and showed his hope that authentic Kendo in the region is built up by good referees.

Delegation to FIK/EKF Kendo & Referee Seminar FY2005

  FIK European-zone Kendo Referee Seminar was held on February 11 and 12, 2006 in Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium, as in the former years.  Before the formal seminar, Ji-Geiko for two hours was carried out on the previous two evenings.  The visiting instructors of this year were as follows.

Mr. Shuji Fukumoto, Hanshi 8 Dan,
Mr. Tomoyasu Ota, Hanshi 8 Dan,
Mr. Kazuo Negishi, Hanshi 8 Dan. 

  At first, Chief Instructor, Fukumoto Hanshi spoke to the 70 participants that this seminar aimed at nurturing referees who can judge such international matches as World Kendo Championships or European Kendo Championships. You are required to make sincere efforts in improving your refereeing skills to judge Yuko-Datotsu correctly and to deal swiftly and properly with prohibition items.  As model refereeing, three 7 Dan holders were selected to execute refereeing three matches, and the attendees were divided into two groups, international level referees A and national match referees B. The A group of 42 trainees was taken care of by Mr. Ota, and the group B of 28 by Mr. Negishi.

  The A group trainees experienced in the past this kind of referee seminars and the majority proved to be qualified for international matches. Their challenges are to judge correctly not only chances but also spirits, attitude, and Hasuji of match players, and to make practices to keep appropriate cooperation and positioning among the referees.

  On the afternoon of the second day, Sunday, February 12, the grading examination was held with the applicants of 30. The results were rather severe as shown in the following figure of success/ figure of applicants. Shodan 9/13, 2 Dan 9/11, 3 Dan 2/6, 4 Dan 2/6, 5 Dan 3/13, 6 Dan 4/36, 7 Dan 1/11.

The unsuccessful applicants showed superb posture and attitude, but needed to improve finding more chances to strike and also smooth strikes with Ki-Ken-Tai Itchi. There seemed many failed with just one step away.