Delegation Abroad 2005

Delegation to FIK referee seminar in Seoul

FIK Asian-Zone Kendo Referee Seminar was held on October 1 and 2, 2005 in Seoul, Korea.
The visited instructors were

Mr. Shigeaki Inoue, Hanshi 8 Dan,
Mr. Koji Kato, Hanshi 8 Dan.

In Chamshil Gymnastic Gym which is located in the Complex of the Chamshil Olympic Main Stadium, got together referee trainees of 31 from Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines. They included 8 Dan holders of 6 from Korea and 3 from Japan. In addition, 14 Kendo practitioners consisting of 7 college students and 7 Seoul city employees, some of whom are national team members, joined as match players and contributed to a success of the event.
  After the opening ceremony on the morning of the first day, the Chief Instructor, Mr. Inoue gave an hour lecture about the mission, duties, and attitudes of referees,   stressing that contemporary Kendo cannot exist without competition and a good referee makes decent Kendo. All the trainees were divided into groups of 3 referees with the same nationality, and received hands-on training through high-level competitions of Korean match players. After 4 PM, all the participants enjoyed Keiko with all the 8 Dan Kendoists as Motodachi.

 On the morning session of the second day, referee groups were reorganized with mixed nationalities and continued the refereeing practice. Their refereeing skills improved considerably through the instructions by both Hanshis except for jundgement of Genmyona-waza or a subtle and sharp Ippon.

The points which should be noted are

1) The referees should work as a team by paying attention to other members.

2) Realizing that referees should commit no error in the competitions, they need to practice regularly.

Delegation to Turkey, Rumania and Hungary

A delegation consisting of the following 6 Senseis from AJKF visited Turkey, Rumania and Hungary on July 14 through July 26, 2005

Mr. Tadanori Okamura- Kendo Kyoshi 8dan,
Mr. Minoru Makita- Kendo Kyoshi 8dan,
Mr. Takashi Futagoishi- Kendo Kyoshi 8dan,
Mr. Shuichi Kamikokuryo- Iaido Kyoshi 8dan Kendo Kyoshi 7dan,
Mr. Yosuke Yamanaka-Kendo Kyoshi 7 dan,
Mr. Yoshihisa Eto-Kendo Kyoshi 7dan.

This delegation was financially supported by The Japan Foundation.


The delegation started to work in Istanbul on July 15, when some 30 young people joined Kendo exercise and some 10 people participated in Iaido keiko. There are 4 training spots under the leadership of local enthusiastic Dan-holders.

On the following day, they moved to Ankara where Kendo and Iaido seminars to some 70 practitioners, demonstration to the public and Dan/Kyu examinations were held with strong support by Japanese Embassy and the Foundation.


On July 18 and 19, the delegation conducted seminars to some 60 practitioners and demonstration to the public of 400 in Bucharest with strong support by Japanese Embassy and JICA. On the next morning were held Dan/Kyu examinations.


On July 21 and 22, Kendo and Iaido seminars were given to 213 attendees who got there from neighboring 15 countries for participating in the 13th Hungary Cup. After the seminars were held Dan/Kyu examinations. In the Hungary Cup, 191 people competed in the individual matches of four categories, junior, women, men under Shodan, and men of 2 dan or higher, on July 23, and on the next day, 25 teams joined the team tournament.

Results of Dan/Kyu examinations in the 3 countries

                           1 Kyu     Shodan    2 Dan      3 Dan      Total

Turkey   Applicants         28        7         1           0          36
       Success         28        7         1           0          36

Rumania Applicants         12        4        6           5          27
       Success          12        4        6           3          25

Hungary  Applicants         22        20       21         14         77
       Success           19        20       18         10         67

Delegation to 20th EKC at Bern

20th European Kendo Championships were held on April 15 through 17, 2005 in Bern Switzerland. From recode-high 29 countries, 262 competitors with more than 900 spectators got together in an arena within Wankdorf Sporthalle.
From Japan, Mr. Yoshimitsu TAKEYASU, President of International Kendo Federation, Mr. Jun TAKEUTI, General Secretary of International Kendo Federation and three Kendo 8 Dan, Mr. Masahiro SHIMANO, Osamu ASANO, and Nobuhide SATO joined the Championships as the Shimpan-cho and Shimpan-shunin.

The Championship Results are as follows.

Juniors Indiv. Women Team Women Indiv. Men Team Men Indiv.
1 H11 G.Babos Germany F12 C. Garcia Spain F05 H.Bianchhard
2 PL13 M.Jastak Hungary F08 A.Destobbeleer France D03 J.Ulmer
3 D14 S.Kato Poland H07 B.Kiraly Italy D02 J.Sengfelder
3 D13 S.Fadai France H10 K.Kovacs Germany F03 A.Soulas
FS RU14 S.Osyka FI10 M.Raitanen
RU09 A.Lozhkina
CZ01 J.Ziegelheim CH04 T.Jud
FS NL11 M.Woude CH06 D.Kimura D09 D.Yokoo
PL02 R.Jastak
PL02 R.Jastak
FS CH03 C.Krobl RU01 A.Solodovnikov
FS B04 P.Hont RO04 M.Dutescu

Delegation to FIK Referee Seminar in San Jose USA

FIK Kendo Referee Seminar in the American Zone was held on March 12 and 13, 2005 in San Jose, California  The instructors of this year were

Mr. Tadashi Kumamoto, Hanshi 8 Dan,
Mr. Tadahiro Ajiro, Kyoshi 8 Dan,
Mr. Shoji Miyahara, Kyoshi 8 Dan.  

Diligent 90 participants from the lower 48, Canada, Hawaii, Brazil, and Argentina got together in Miltapis High School Gym. They consisted of 2 Eighth Dan holders, 28 Seventh Dan, 26 Sixth Dan, 12 Fifth Dan, 4 Fourth Dan, and 1 Three Dan.

After a lecture by Chief Instructor, Kumamoto Hanshi about the mission, duties, and basic manners of referees, Yuko-datotsu, and prohibitions, the attendees were divided into two groups for hands-on training by Dan, 6 Dan or above by Mr.Ajiro and the lowers by Mr.Miyahara.

Salient points stressed by the instructors are

1) Be confident in declaring judgment and be quick in action and movement,

2) Keep Enzan-No-Metsuke even in refereeing, and

3) Practice Do-Waza and Hiki-Waza by yourself; otherwise it is difficult to judge them.

In the end of each training day, both the instructors and the trainees enjoyed Keiko for 40 minutes, respectively.

Delegation to FIK/EKF Kendo & Referee Seminar in Brussels

                  1st Kendo seminar was combined with Kendo referee seminar

The 14th European Zone Kendo Referee Seminar was held on February 10 through February 13, 2005 in Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium, as in the previous years.  This year’s special feature was it included Kendo seminar of two evenings before the formal referee seminar. The instructors of this year were as follows.

 Mr. Yoshio Okushima, Hanshi 8 Dan,
 Mr. Shigeaki Inoue, Hanshi 8 Dan.
 Mr. Kazuyoshi Okada, Kyoshi 8 Dan. 

  The evening seminar started with a lecture of Okushima Hanshi who said that, by quoting “Sottaku no ki”, literally meaning in total sync, it is necessary for a seminar to be successful and fruitful that the instructor and students get along just fine. The Kendo seminar consisted of how to improve skills through actual practices and Kendo Kata. Each evening more than 50 people attended the Kendo seminar.

  The referee seminar was carried out with participation of 82 Kendoists, who were divided into two groups for efficient hands-on training.

  The comments of the instructors were that

1) Such manners as holding the Shimpan-ki (flag) and presentation of judgment have been improved year by year.

2) Judgment of Yuko-datotsu and positioning in harmony with the other referees, in particular in case of hustling and bustling movements of Shiai-sha, look having a room to improve.

3) Overall, enthusiasm and sincerity of the participants were so impressive and the seminar was a great success.