Delegation Abroad 2003

Delegation to Poland, Bulgaria and Serbia/Montenegro

                  Delegation visit Poland in December 2003

AJKF Delegation consisting 4 senior Kendo-ka visited to Poland, Bulgaria and Serbia/Montenegro in December 2003.

The delegation members are as follows.

Mr. Masaaki ARIMITU     Kendo Hanshi 8 dan Director of All Japan Kendo Federation

Mr. Harufumi ITO         Kendo Hanshi 8 dan

Mr. Katsuo ODA           Iaido Kyoshi 8 dan, Knedo Kyoshi 7dan.

Mr. Makoto Oda           Kendo Kyoshi 8 dan

The delegation visited the first country Poland during December 1 to 4.

Around 80 people were attended Kendo and Iaido seminar which was held in the city named Lodz 200km form Warszawa.

After the seminar, Secretary General of PKF Mr. Witold Nowakowski said.

--- Today we said "Farewell - and come back soon" to the four Japanese Masters, who visited our country in the year of 30th Anniversary of Kendo in Poland We are very grateful to the Senseis and to the AJKF for this visit. For all of us it was a wonderful lesson. Two-days practice session in Lodz gathered together more than 80 Polish players (kendo & iaido).There were beginners and more advanced players, up to 5 dan. Four of Polish candidates successfully passed Dan-Exams in kendo. We truly hope that we will meet all the Senseis again, in the near future. ---

The delegation visited to next country Bulgaria during December 4 to 7.

Kendo and Iai events were held in Sofia. More than 30 Kendo-ka were attended the seminar and other events.And the delegation members demonstrated the Kendo and Iaido demonstration for 400 spectators.

The delegation visited the final country Beograd Serbia/Montenegro.Serbia/Montenegro Kendo-ka were torch kendo techniques by senior visiting instructors.
1800 spectators were enjoyed Kendo and Iaido demonstration.

**This delegation was supported by the Japan Foundation.**

AJKF Delegation to Russia

The Russia Kendo and Kobudo Enbu Taikai and the 6th Russian Kendo Championships were held in Moscow from 16th to 19th of October 2003.  The AJKF President Mr. Takeyasu and 8 Keno and Kobudo specialists visited Moscow.

The people visited Moscow were;

Mr. Yoshimitsu Takeyasu-- President of AJKF/IKF
Mr. Shigeaki Inoue-- Kendo Hanshi 8 dan
Mr. Tetsuya Watanabe-- Kendo Hanshi 8 dan

Mr. Yoshinobu Hirano-- Kendo Kyoshi 8 dan, Yagyushinkage-Ryu
Mr. Katsuhiko Inoue-- Iaido Kyoshi 8 dan, Kendo Kyoshi 7 dan
Mr. Masatoshi Sugie-- Kendo Kyoshi 7 dan

Mr. Mitsuru Yoshiyama-- Kendo Kyoshi 7 dan
Mr. Shin Asano-- Yagyushinkage-Ryu
Mr. Masayuki Yano
-- Kendo Kyoshi 7 dan

On the 1st day of the event, Mr. Takeyasu gave an address at the opening ceremony and thanked the Russian Kendo Federation for the promotion of Kendo which is the traditional Japanese culture.  The Mr. Sugie delivered a lecture on the history of Kendo, Mr. S. Inoue gave instructions on Rei-ho (courtesy) and basic movements of Kendo.  Approximately 80 people including children participated.  In the afternoon of the 1st day, Kobudo Enbu (Yagyu Shinkage Ryu) was conducted by Mr. Hirano and Asano.  The seminar participants were interested in the Enbu as that was almost the first time for them to see the Kobudo Enbu closely.  Mr. K. Inoue then showed the AJKF Seitei Iai and explained each model form.  At the end of the afternoon sessions, Mr. S. Inoue gave instructions on the Shiai of Kendo and Mr. Sugie and Mr. Yano showed a Shiai demonstration.

In the morning of the 2nd day, Kendo and Kobudo Enbu, Seminar on Nippon Kendo Kata and Iai seminar were conducted.  At the Nippon Kendo Kata session, following the detailed explanations, Mr. S. Inoue and Mr. Watanabe gave instructions closely to each participant.

The 6th Russian Kendo Championships were held on the 3rd and the 4th day, October 18 and 19.  77 male competitors and 11 female competitors participated in the Individual Championships.  23 teams competed in the Team Championship. Moscow team won the Team Championship and the Vladivostok team was the 2nd place.  After the Team Championships, Dan and Kyu examinations were held and 66 applicants for 4-Kyu through up to 4-Dan passed the examination successfully.

**This delegation was supported by the Japan Foundation.**

Delegation to Ecuador, Panama and Dominican Republic

      Delegation visit to Education & Culture minister in Ecuador

           Delegation visit to Japanese school in Panama

                             Practice in Dominica

An AJKF delegation consisting of 5 people visited Ecuador,Panama and Dominican Republic from 10th to 24th of September 2003 

1. Ecuador

The member of the Kendo Association welcomed the delegation at the airport although they arrived in Ecuador very late at night.  On the next afternoon, the delegation taught Nippon Kendo Kata and basic Kendo Waza to the members of the Ecuador Kendo Association and some visitors from Peru and Columbia  Approximately 40 participants were eagerly practiced under the instructions of the Japanese Sensei.  On the morning of the September 12, besides the seminar, Kyu examinations were carried out and 21 participants passed the Kyu examination successfully.  On the late afternoon of the same day, the Japanese Sensei gave Kendo and Iaido demonstrations and more than 450 spectators including the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Hiramatsu, enjoyed the demonstrations.

2. Panama

The delegation left Ecuador and headed to Panama on September 14.  The delegation members visited the venue for the seminar and also the practice places in Panama.  On the evening of that day, the Japanese Sensei taught Nippon Kendo Kata and basic Kendo Waza at the Japanese school.  The students of the Japanese school and the members of the Panama Kendo Association participated in the seminar.  Kendo and Iaido demonstrations were given at a large gymnasium and more than 400 people and the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Matsuzu, enjoyed until the end of the demonstrations.  Kyu examinations up to 3-Kyu were held on 17th and all 10 examinees passed the examinations successfully.

3. Dominican Republic

As the last country to visit, the delegation arrived in the Dominican Republic on September 18.  45 members of the Dominican Kendo Federation participated in the seminar next day.  On the second day of the seminar, as there were more participants than expected, the participants were divided into two groups and the Japanese Sensei taught each group.  A Kyu examination for 1-Kyu was held and 12 people passed successfully.  On September 21, Kendo and Iaido demonstrations were given and the demonstrations engaged the interest of more than 450 spectators including the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Okamoto.

Among those three countries, the level of Kendo skills of Dominica Kendo Federationfs members was rather high compared to that of other two countries.  It is probably because the members of the All United States Kendo Federation sometimes visit the Dominican Federation and teach them.    Although neither of those three countries are the members of the International Kendo Federation, all members of those organizations were quite diligent and enthusiastic about practicing Kendo regardless of inadequate circumstances.

**This delegation was supported by the Japan Foundation.**

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