22nd European Kendo Championships


 22nd European Kendo Championships

22nd European Kendo Championships was held on 21st, 22nd and 23rd March 2008 in Helsinki Finland.

At the opening ceremony.

After the welcome speech of Mr. A. Lehtinen of FKA president, Mr. A. Ducarme - President of European Kendo Federation (FIK VP) was made a speech of welcome.
Mr. S.Inoue of Shinpan-cho has given to every participants the congratulations speech.

Various good tournaments have been occurred at the Shiai-jo during 3 days,

From FIK(JAPAN), Mr. Shigeaki Inoue - Kendo Hanshi 8-Dan, Koji Kato- Kendo Hanshi 8-Dan and Toshiaki Takahashi - Kendo Kyoshi 8-Dan were participated as instructors.

 The Results is as follows.

Ladies' Team:
3.Finland, Italy
Ladies' Individual:
1.Susanne Aoki, Germany
2.Wiebeke Röhrbein, Germany
3.Barbara Király, Hungary, Pauline Stolarz, France
Men's Team:
3.Spain, Great Britain
Men's Individual:
1.Sándor Dubi, Hungary
2.Guillaume Sicart, France
3.Wesley Haeke, Belgium, Hanns-Peter Herr, Germany
Juniors' Team
3.Poland, Germany
Juniors' Individual:
1.Markel Arregui, Spain
2.Bartlomiej Gromul, Poland
3.Simon Cohen, France,  Milos Petrovic, Serbia