64th All Japan Kendo Championship was broadcasted on Nov 20 2016 with English commentary.

NHK WORLD TV  Nov.20(Sun.) 9:10-10:00(JST)
(Above time is first broadcast time, program will be repeated several times)


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 In this SPORTS JAPAN Special second edition, we focus on the 64th All Japan Kendo Championships, which are being held in Tokyo. The spotlight was on the performances of several young kendoka who have been making a name for themselves over the past few years. Yuya Takenouchi and Hidehisa Nishimura, both in their 20s, are the previous two national champions, proof that the baton has been passed on to a dynamic new generation. This yearfs event is one that everyone is relishing.
Together with Kendo expert Alex Bennett, we showcase some of the contestantsf favorite techniques, while also introducing the rules of this fascinating martial art.

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